UPS for Home Office

PC615N: line interactive UPS for Home Office

UPS designed  for the small users computing and SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

It is a line interactive single phase UPS and an economical but efficient solution to protect small computers. It grants a high protection against overvoltage and disturbances by AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) with a wide input voltage range. It has microprocessor control, startup from batteries in case of main failure (cold start), battery intelligent management with a control of charging/discharging phases to extend the battery life.
PC615N is available in the range from 650VA up to 2000VA.

Main features:

  • Smart Microprocessor Control
  • Built-in Excellent AVR
  • AC Line Surge Protection and Noise Filtering
  • Input Wiring Fault Indicator
  • UPS Self-test Function
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection
  • DC Start Capability
  • Modem/LAN Internet Protection
  • RS232/USB Interface for UPS Monitoring
  • Smart Battery Management
  • Advanced Battery Discharge Management
  • Built-in Self Diagnostics Function
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